Purpose and Program

The ACORN Institute uses research and training to address the problems in low income communities identified in years of community organizing by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and the housing development and loan counseling of ACORN Housing Corporation.
In low income communities, poverty, discrimination, and community deterioration result from at least two sources of information deficiency. The first is lack of information concerning rights and opportunities-the right to be free of discrimination, opportunities to take a certain job, housing and social service options, and others. The second is lack of information and training concerning how to act upon information concerning rights and opportunities.
The ACORN Institute exists to address both these deficiencies by researching issues relevant to low income communities, and then making the research available to low income people and groups.
The ACORN Institute aspires to issue the information in a context which provides individuals and groups the means to act upon the information through educational and training sessions concerning programmatic options, legal options, community organization models, neighborhood awareness, and more. The research and training conducted by the Institute will include information about issue campaigns concerning fair housing, civil rights, taxation, and non-partisan voter registration.
The ACORN Institute also ecourages exchange of ideas and models for community improvement between different cultures and countries, especially within the Americas.